Cellulose insulation

Cellulose insulation


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Heat insulation of sheep wool

Cellulose insulation

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Cellulose insulation Tempelan from 100% recycled paper + organic additives providing protection against pests, mold and fire.

How does it apply?

Cellulose insulation is used for heat / sound insulation of internal / external walls, floors and roofs, and in most cases is injected into the gaps by high air pressure from a special Typhoon machine.

In 20% of cases it can be placed manually, but the effect of heat insulation will be weaker.

The use of Tambelan has begun in the Czech Republic since 1991 and has so far been used in thousands of buildings.

Why is it preferable:

- no risks for thermal bridges;

- it does not cause skin irritation;

- the filling of the isolation spaces is very fast;
- particularly suitable for roof insulation;
- has better thermal insulation than mineral wool;

- does not cause allergies;

- good insulation properties are due to the air contained between the fibers

Specifications :

Thermal conductivity coefficient - 0.0365 to 0.0396 W.m-1.K-1;
Reaction to fire classification - Fire reaction class - B - s1;
Propagation of flame: 0.00 mm / min, non-flammable;
Bulk density of hand applied insulation 30-55 kg / m3
Bulk density for mechanical blowing under pressure: in vertical cavities 65 kg / m3, horizontal - 45 kg. / m3
The moisture content - maximum 5%
Absorption of moisture - up to 20%
Diffusion coefficient - 1.36
Does not corrode other materials.

Weight per pack 12.5 kg.
Rectangular package with dimensions 60 x 40 x 33 cm
ETA - European Technical Approval Number ETA-13/0159, issued May 13, 2013