Цветное глиняное пальто с коноплей - MONOCOUCHE

Цветное глиняное пальто с коноплей - MONOCOUCHE


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Цветна декоративна глинена мазилка – FINITON

Цветное глиняное пальто с коноплей - MONOCOUCHE

Product Code: Цветна глинена мазилка с коноп - MONOCOUCHE
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MONOCOUCHE is a 100% natural, colored clay plaster for interiors. In 12 colors ready for work. Apply in 1 layer about 1 cm thick. It can also be used as a base and for finishing. Packages: 1 tonne - BIG BAG (70 m²) (wet or dry) and 25 kg bag (2 m²).

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MONOCOUCHE is made of clay, thin hemp, various sands and ocher for some colors.

Suitable bases: stones, bricks, concrete blocks, reed panels / mat, cement screed, cork boards, clay, straw etc ...

Unsuitable bases: plasterboard, gypsum, aerated concrete, painted walls, smooth walls.

Application: manual or machine. Add 7-10 liters of water every 25 kg. Drying: 3-4 days. Operating temperature + 10 / + 30 ° C

MONOCOUCHE clay plaster in 12 colors, ready to work with / without texture additives.

Packaging: 25 kg.