Compressed clay blocks

Compressed clay blocks


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Compressed clay blocks

Product Code: Компресирани глинени блокове
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Compressed clay blocks

Compressed land unburnt blocks CEB 102 unstabilized (cement-free) produced in the Czech Republic.

* Ingredients: natural sand, clay, no other additives.
* Application: The gypsum bricks are designed for 40 cm thick internal and external non-bearing masonry, covering high requirements for thermal resistance and thermal power on the wall.

Technical Characteristics:

* Density: ρ = 1800 kg / m3
* Thermal conductivity coefficient: λ = 1.3 W / (K m), wall thickness 40 cm (R) = 0.35 K / W
* Diffusion resistance of water vapor μ <10
* Dimensions: 290 x 140 x 65 (mm); Weight: 4.8 kg; Number of units per m2: 53 pcs; Pressure resistance: 5 MPa; Sound insulation at 40 cm. wall: 56 dB

Price: 0, 96 BGN / piece with VAT, but excluding transport costs

* Supplied packed in foil on 1200 x 800 mm pallets; Number of bricks: 240 pcs / pallet; Pallet weight: 1 150 kg