Paints and Plasters

The rapid development of the sphere of finishing materials makes it possible to transform a standard wall into an original design work, by applying appropriate decorative coatings.
 Decoration Materials:
We offer decorative plaster, textured paint for walls.
Decorative paint:
Decorative plasters and paints are made using health-saving technologies and are durable. Used in the decoration of children's rooms and public spaces.
The choice of textures and colors:
Decorative paints, plasters and modern coating technologies allow for a short time to transform the room with different textures and colors.
Finishing materials used by our company are made of environmentally friendly components, which makes it possible to use them in kindergartens and schools.
In addition to decorative finishes, we also provide protective coatings for external and internal surfaces of the building. The protective type of plaster incorporates components that make it inert to external influences: humidity, ultraviolet radiation, temperature changes and chemical reagents.
We carefully consider the wishes of our customers.
In the process, our masters take into account all factors, even the frequency of wet cleaning in the room, because they directly affect the quality and durability of the decorative coating.

Ask for help from professionals - our masters and designers will realize your dreams of aesthetic and original walls.






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